Introducing the new Sonris Data Portal. This replacement for the Data Access page introduces the new (java free) Interactive Data Reports to replace the RODs.  

Retrieve information using interactive, geographically oriented, map capabilties, and select from a variety of layers of backgrounds.
Data AccessSONRIS Data Portal
Oil, Gas & Ground Water information and more at your finger tips.
Document AccessDocument Access
Millions of documents in various formats readily available for view and print.
CESCES Inspections
Facility Lease & Orphan Well Inspections.
Data SubscriptionData Subscription Service
Get a monthly download of all the data for integration into your databases and applications. (FAQ)
Well Log Electronic SubmissionOnline Well Log Submission
Submit your Well Log electronically.
Click Here to view preliminary
guidelines & training for submission.
Production ReportingOnline Production Reporting
Report oil & gas online
Royalty ReportingOnline Royalty Reporting
Report mineral royalty online, refer to Tutorial for instructions
UIC ReportingOnline UIC Reporting
Report UIC-10, UIC-24, and UIC-33/34 electronically
Surface WaterOnline Surface Water
Apply and track surface water application online
visit our Louisiana Surface Water Management Program
Well Test/Inactive Reports SubmissionWell Test/Inactive Reports Submission
Submit your Well Test/Inactive Report electronically. Click on User Guide for detail instructions
OR1 ReportsOnline OR1 Submission
Submit your OR1 application electronically. Click on User Guide for detail instructions
Invoice PaymentsInvoice Payments
Pay invoices online; invoice number and security code are needed
Tract NominationTract Nominations
Click here for detailed instructions for online tract nomination
Contact Us Contact/Data Request/Help
Click here to contact us or submit a request for data
View Facts and AnswersFAQ
Frequently Asked Questions and more....
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